Read below to find out what all is included... and to find out how our online fly fishing instruction will help you understand the basics and gain confidence on the water!

Basic Fly Casting Course

  • Introduction To Fly Casting
    -Why Fly Fishing
    -Basic Fly Casting Module Overview
  • How To Approach The Water
    -How To Approach The Water
    -Finding Fish and Reading Water
  • Casting
    -Keys To A Good Cast
    -Managing Line
    -Basic Cast
    -Across Body Cast
    -Side Arm Cast And Across Body Side Arm Cast
    -False Cast
    -Roll Cast
    -Across Body Roll Cast
    -High Sticking
  • Keys To A Good Drift
    -Mending Line
    -Upstream Mend
    -Downstream Mend "Coming Soon"
    -How To Get A Good Drift "Coming Soon"
  • Hook Set and Landing Fish
    -Hook Set
    -Playing The Fish

A $199.00 value! Plus Two Special Bonus Modules (Listed Below) 


Equipment For Fly Fishing 

  • Gear Overview
    -Essential Fly Fishing Equipment
    -Rods-Sizes and Lengths
    -Rods- Graphite, Fiberglass and Bamboo
    -Fly Reels
    -Fly Lines
    -Tippet and Leader
    -Kinds of Flies
    -What's in my vest
    -Wading Boots

$29.95 value- Free With Your Special Offer!


Three Essential Knots

  • Knots For Fly Fishing
    -Essential Knot Module Overview
    -The Clinch Knot
    -The Triple Surgeons Knot

    -The Perfection Loop

$5.95 value- Free With Your Special Offer!

 So Let's Recap What You Get...

Our online fly fishing instruction will help you UNDERSTAND THE BASICS AND GAIN CONFIDENCE ON THE WATER.

What comes with your purchase?

  • One Year Membership to RISE Fly Fishing Advice ($50 Value)
  • Solid Instruction from career guides to help you catch more fish.
  • Topics cover everything from how to approach the water to landing your fish.
  • The on-line HD video lessons are concise with each segment averaging 4 minutes.
  • They are easily accessible from any connected device including you computer, iPad or mobile device.
  • Lifetime Access For Members to The Courses You Purchase.

This offer includes:

  • Basic Fly Casting Course ($199.00 Value)

Plus these extra bonuses for free:

  • Bonus #1 Essential Gear Module ($29.95 Value)
  • Bonus #2 Essential Knot Module ($5.95 Value)

That's a total savings of over $130.00.

Plus we have two more bonuses...

Bonus #3: Purchase The RISE Spring 2019 Special Offer and get a free RISE logo Hat.
Bonus #4: Be one of the First 150 Members and be entered in a drawing to win a 3 Night/2 Day Guide trip for Two people in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  (To Be considered a member, purchase this Spring 2019 offer or have purchased one of our Launch/Holiday offers)

Our aim is to help you get more out of your time on the water.


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